Tips on Surviving the Bomb Cyclone

Tips on Surviving the Bomb Cyclone

How to Protect your Home, Family, and Pets in Wayne, New Jersey:

Thursday’s winter storm has become one for the history books! With wind and snowfall intensifying, the storm has been classified as a ‘bomb cyclone’. Hearing the term ‘bomb cyclone’ can be a little alarming, but these tips will put you at ease to battle this weather head on!

  1. With temperatures dipping this low, frozen pipes are often a homeowner’s biggest concern. To avoid having your pipes burst and scrambling for an emergency plumber, let your faucets drip slightly as a way to provide the pipes some relief. Leaving your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open will also help to distribute warm air around your pipes. Lastly, before our next winter storm hits, make sure your gutters are clean so there’s no chance of water backing up and then freezing.
  2. When you have to make the inevitable trip outside to shovel the driveway, keep a few safety tips in mind. Just like with any exercise, you want to make sure you do a few stretches before starting. This is especially important while shoveling because cold muscles are more likely to be injured. Focus on your neck, arms, lower back and hamstrings. To make shoveling a little easier, try spraying non-stick cooking spray on your shovel so the snow won’t stick. Most importantly, take several breaks while shoveling and be sure to stay hydrated!
  3. There are also several precautions you should take with any furry friends before they make a trip outside. Try to wait to walk your dogs in the late morning and early afternoon where there is a chance for more sunshine. This way you can both soak up your daily Vitamin D while venturing the elements in warmer temps. After coming in from your walk, make sure to wipe your dog’s paws off to remove any of the salt they may have picked up from the road. This will prevent them from getting cracks in their paws. When they are inside trying to find warmth from the storm, make sure they don’t get too close to space heaters or fireplaces as they can easily get burned. Finally, when making your emergency kits before a storm, don’t forget your pets! They will need additional food and water packed for them as well.

Contact us if you have any further questions or need assistance. You can reach us via email at, on our Facebook page, or by giving us a call directly at 973-435-0747. Stay safe and stay warm!

And remember, those pesky mosquitoes are only hibernating right now, but they will return as soon as it gets warm. Only 74 days until Spring, but who’s counting 🙂


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