Share the MoJo this Spring

Share the MoJo this Spring

We are starting to reach the light at the end of the tunnel here in New Jersey after a long, cold winter. Spring weather is almost here! Gone are the days where we are stuck inside all day. Now we can start planning all of our outdoor spring parties. May is always known to be the start of communion, graduation, and wedding season. You also might have outdoor plans for Mother’s Day or bridal and baby showers. When organizing your guest list, you want to make sure certain party crashers don’t show up, AKA ticks and mosquitoes!

Even though you wouldn’t think it is warm enough for ticks yet, April is actually the start of tick season here in New Jersey. Leftover adult ticks that didn’t find a host to prey on over the winter are out and hungry! The last thing you want as a party host, is to have your guests having to go home and check their clothing for unexpected pests. It is better to avoid this problem to begin with! By having one of our professionals come to spray your yard, you can have peace of mind that this won’t happen.

Soon enough, pools and ponds will start to open. Open water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This is especially a problem because female mosquitoes are often looking for a meal (i.e. you!) right after they mate. As the summer progresses, the mosquito breeding accelerates because the warm weather helps them to lay and hatch eggs faster. That just means more and more mosquitoes buzzing around your yard. Having your yard sprayed will help you stay on top of this mosquito problem.

When your friends are enjoying themselves pest-free at your spring event, consider our Mosquito Joe referral program, Share the MoJo. For each friend that you recommend Mosquito Joe, you can receive a $25 credit! Your friend will also receive a $25 credit towards their mosquito treatment. Keep those pest-free parties going and you can refer up to 20 friends for a credit of $500!

Give one of our professionals at Mosquito Joe a call today at 973-435-0747 to have them discuss your treatment options. Please visit our website at to learn more.

We can put your mind at ease so you can focus on planning the party of the season! Happy spring 🙂


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