You Have A Mosquito Bite… Now What?

You Have A Mosquito Bite… Now What?

The best way to ruin an enjoyable outdoor summer evening is to have a swarm of mosquitoes use you as their late night snack. Not only are the red bumps unsightly, but boy do they itch! And of course, the more you scratch, the itchier they become. But why is that the case? What makes mosquito bites so itchy?

The female mosquito is responsible for these itchy bites. The mosquito doesn’t actually bite, but instead pokes their proboscis through your skin to feed on your blood. When your body detects the mosquito’s proboscis in your system, it sends histamines to fight off the intruder. This will lead to your skin becoming red, swollen, and itchy. Your body is also reacting to the mosquito’s saliva and different people react to the saliva in different ways.

How To Ditch The Mosquito Bite Itch

Swarm of mosquitoes biting a girls arm while she is itching her arm.

Some natural remedies include applying rubbing alcohol, ice, aloe vera, witch hazel, or vinegar directly to the bite itself. You could also try an antihistamine like Benadryl, Claritin, or even Calamine lotion.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to take a few precautions to avoid mosquito bites in the first place! Here are a few tips and tricks you can do at home:

  1. Make sure to remove any standing water throughout your yard to get rid of possible mosquito breeding grounds. This includes looking for water in your gutters, kid’s toys, or bird baths.
  2. If you have tarps covering anything in your yard, such as your grill, make sure it is tied tightly. This way you can’t trap any pockets of water in the folds.
  3. Add plants to your garden that naturally deter mosquitoes like citronella, lemongrass, basil, or lavender.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you prep your yard for mosquitoes, sometimes it just isn’t enough. That’s where the professionals at Mosquito Joe of Wayne come in and help. We offer a barrier spray service and treatment that works right away and will keep working for weeks, making your outside experience fun again. Call one of our professionals to learn more about our mosquito, flea and tick control spray today! With our spray, you won’t have to worry about those pesky bites again!

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