Mosquito Season is Right Around the Corner

wayne, nj - mosquito control - cherry blossoms

With all this frigid, icy weather surrounding us, it’s hard to believe that spring, wedding and communion season is right around the corner. Spring is only 60 days away and that means it’s time to consider how you are going to get your backyard ready for all your spring outdoor activities.With all this frigid, icy … Continue reading Mosquito Season is Right Around the Corner

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Tips on Surviving the Bomb Cyclone

Mosquito Joe of Wayne, NJ - bomb cyclone tips

How to Protect your Home, Family, and Pets in Wayne, New Jersey: Thursday’s winter storm has become one for the history books! With wind and snowfall intensifying, the storm has been classified as a ‘bomb cyclone’. Hearing the term ‘bomb cyclone’ can be a little alarming, but these tips will put you at ease to battle this … Continue reading Tips on Surviving the Bomb Cyclone

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Preparing Your Home for Cooler Weather

Mosquito of Joe of Wayne, NJ - tips to prepping your home for the cold

The fall weather is finally here and we want to help you prepare your home and property for the cooler weather. These simple steps can help avoid potential problems before they arise. Have your heating system cleaned and inspected by a qualified technician. Insulate any water pipes in areas exposed to freezing temperatures. Clean gutters and downspouts … Continue reading Preparing Your Home for Cooler Weather

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Tips to Preventing Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas

Importance of Continuing Treatment - Don't Stop the MoJo

Don’t be fooled by the cooler fall weather! Ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas still thrive in the fall! In fact, mosquitoes are still active until temperatures consistently drop below 50 degrees. And you may have even noticed stink bugs creeping up in your home! Did you know that here at Mosquito Joe we treat for stink … Continue reading Tips to Preventing Mosquitoes, Ticks and Fleas

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Don’t Stop the MoJo

Don't Cancel Mosquito Control Service - Wayne, NJ

Not only are school supplies lining the aisles of every store, but shorter days and pick-up football games are also quickly approaching. The harsh reality is setting in, summer is coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean your mosquito and tick control should! Don’t let dropping temperatures trick you into ending your mosquito and tick … Continue reading Don’t Stop the MoJo

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