Special Event Treatments

Special Event Treatments

With just a couple of days until the official beginning of summer, we’re sure you’re looking forward to a number of outdoor events including graduations, weddings, cookouts, beach outings and more. Don’t forget to invite one important party guest – Mosquito Joe of Wayne, New Jersey! Mosquito Joe keeps pesky mosquitoes from crashing your gathering. Our special event treatments ensure your events remain itch-free, allowing you and your guests to focus on the treasured memories being made. Having fun is always the priority, so let us do the dirty work for you!

Our special event treatment, just like our recurring barrier treatments, eliminate mosquitoes on contact while adhering to foliage to prevent future mosquito populations. Mosquito Joe treatments keep your yard itch-free for up to 21 days, making it a no-brainer for your next soiree!


Students across the country look forward to this time of year as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives. Before your graduate tosses their cap, make sure your event space is prepped as well. Don’t allow mosquitoes to ruin a significant milestone and its celebration!

Mark your calendar! Below are some of the upcoming local graduations.

Looking for ways to make your graduate feel special? Highlight all of their achievements through the years with a “Remember When” theme! Display artwork from their early years in school and old yearbook photos to create a nostalgic atmosphere that your guests are sure to love. Click here for more ideas!


It’s the big day, and the happy couple is excited to tie the knot! Something old, new, borrowed and blue have all been acquired, and the aisle looks like a pathway straight to heaven. The wedding party is in place, eyes are already glistening, and the string quartet begins to play… accompanied by the droning whine of mosquitoes. Outdoor ceremonies and receptions are beautiful, but run the risk of attracting some uninvited pests. The spotlight should be on the lovebirds, not the bugs buzzing around. Our barrier treatments help stave off winged intruders while still maintaining a gorgeous outdoor venue.

Need an amazing wedding space in the open air? Check out some of our local favorite options!


In the heat of high summer, many people turn to one of their favorite summer activities: barbecuing. Friends and family gather around the grill to exchange stories, smiles and laughs. A backyard cookout is a seasonal treat, one that shouldn’t be shared with mosquitoes! Ensure that the food is the only feast being served and that the delicious smell of ribs doesn’t compete with the pungent scent of insect repellent. After 30 minutes of drying time, our treatments ensure everyone can enjoy the sunshine and warmth itch-free!

We know you’re eager to enjoy the weather with your loved ones, so give us a call at (973) 435-0745 to schedule your treatment today! For further questions, email wayne@mosquitoejoe.com. We look forward to hearing from you!